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Pranic Healing is the ancient science of healing that uses Prana - or Universal Energy - to heal body, mind and spirit.

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Is a revolutionary tool based on Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian effect) made specially for express-assessment of the energetic state of a person.

It gives us an insight into energy levels and hormonal imbalances caused due to different factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, and environment.

Through this energy scan we can have visual images of the energy levels that give us confirmation on the diagnosis.

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Thyroid Transformation

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Learn the exact steps to transform your thyroid and your life!


Good health is the most precious gift! Pranic healing is the ancient science and art of healing that uses universal energy to heal body, mind and soul.

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Experts agree, meditation is good for you – whether you want better health, more happiness, greater abundance, or to enhance your spiritual practice.

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Learn this amazing healing system to heal yourself and others – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.

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Nicole Fouché

Nicole was born and trained in South Africa, she is a qualified Physiotherapist with both an Honors Degree in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology. Understanding the human body has been a life-long pursuit.

Nicole has been helping people all over the world for more than 25 years. A life dedicated to helping her community is evident in her work. She has worked and trained extensively in London, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Nicole has been working in the USA for over 10 years. She is the owner and founder of Pranic Healing Tampa and has a beautifully appointed Center in the heart of Westchase.

She is a Certified Pranic Healer, Instructor of Level 1 (Basic Pranic Healing),  Level 2 (Advanced Pranic Healing) and Level 3 (Pranic Psychotherapy). 

She is a certified Pranic Psychotherapist. Her special interests include treatment of anxiety in adults and teens, complex conditions such as Cancer, radiation and chemotherapy and relationship healing.

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What they say

“I first met Nicole about one year ago during the time of my breast cancer diagnosis.  In addition to the standard western medicine approach, I knew I needed more support.  Energy healing felt like the natural first step and resonated with me... Read more

Upon meeting Nicole, I knew I had found my “place” and my healer. Not only does the energy of the space have healing vibrations, but Nicole’s calming spirit put me at ease, along with her encouraging words and wealth of knowledge.   I felt an immediate trust in her.  We began weekly one on one Pranic healing sessions.  We met before and after surgery and during chemotherapy.  I felt an immediate shift in my emotions and stress levels.   Gratitude was also introduced into the healing journey.

I also had peace of mind knowing that Pranic Healing doesn’t try to replace traditional medicine.  The 2 work synergistically.  

The surgery recovery process was quick and relatively painless. Within 2 weeks I was driving and resumed most activities with ease.  My surgeon was impressed with my recovery, from the standpoint of having physical stamina and perfect scar healing. 

During chemotherapy Nicole provided body / mind / spirit support for our weekly sessions.   I tolerated the chemotherapy surprisingly well.  My oncologist was amazed that I had only mild side effects throughout the most toxic and aggressive type of breast cancer chemo (A/C).  I was in the top 2 percentile of patients to experience minimal side effects. It was around this time that I made connection between Pranic Healing and the exceptional recovery I was experiencing. 

I am currently in radiation therapy and receiving Pranic healing via the healing pod.  I was honored to be chosen for this remote healing method, designed to help students and patients receive what they both need (win win).  I can feel the power in numbers.   I can attest that this is also working miracles, as my radiation oncologist was surprised to see very minor skin changes 3 weeks in, and that I was experiencing only mild fatigue. 

Nicole, Anita and the wonderful group of students in the pod have been an integral part of my healing journey.   

Additionally, I took the Pranic Healing level 1 class and found it to be very informative.  I am now a Pranic healer myself and have been able to perform a few healing sessions on others.  This course contains abundant information including healing techniques, meditation, energy flow, karma, chakras, and much more.  


Pranic Healing Saved My Life!

After moving to Sweden from New York with my family I struggled for many years with homesickness and deep depression which then led to a diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer with bone, brain, and liver metastasis—these were the darkest years of my life. After my diagnosis, a family member highly recommended Nicole for distant healing, and I immediately reached out to her as I needed help in restoring my life force energy and self-love before embarking on cancer treatment... Read more

Before my first Pranic Healing session I had severe pain in my neck and my lower body, specifically my left leg. I was struggling to walk on it, and was using a chair for support to get around the house. I was taking pain killers and hot, steaming showers a dozen times each day to soothe the aches and pains throughout my body. I was in so much pain I recall being in the shower crying and thinking I wanted to die. This was not living.

Each week Nicole and her team slowly led me out of the darkness, and back to the light. After my first week of Pranic Healing my aches and pains began disappearing, and I no longer experienced cancer fatigue—after each session I was energised and filled with love. In addition to distant healing sessions, I was given tools to promote an even deeper healing that consisted of meditation, forgiveness and gratitude techniques that effectively released deep-rooted suppressed emotions and trauma. A few weeks later, my left leg, which I was unable to walk on, was almost healed, and I was able to walk upstairs and kiss my children good night with virtually no pain. The physical healing that occurred was truly miraculous! Tumors have disappeared, reduced dramatically in size, and I am continuing to heal. Nicole and her team lifted me, made me want to fight, and reminded me of how amazing and powerful I am—their loving support and guidance gave me hope, and the will to live. 

Cancer was my wakeup call, and Pranic Healing has not only promoted incredible physical and emotional healing, it has taught me how to live my best life—each day is a blessing and filled with happiness and love! I am so grateful!

Alicia S.


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