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Pranic Healing is the ancient science of healing that uses Prana - or Universal Energy - to heal body, mind and spirit.

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Good health is the most precious gift! Pranic healing is the ancient science and art of healing that uses universal energy to heal body, mind and soul.

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Experts agree, meditation is good for you – whether you want better health, more happiness, greater abundance, or to enhance your spiritual practice.

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Learn this amazing healing system to heal yourself and others – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.

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Nicole Fouché

Nicole was born and trained in South Africa, she is a qualified Physiotherapist with both an Honors Degree in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiology. Understanding the human body has been a life-long pursuit.

Nicole has been helping people all over the world for more than 25 years. A life dedicated to helping her community is evident in her work. She has worked and trained extensively in London, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Nicole has been working in the USA for over 10 years. She is the owner and founder of Pranic Healing Tampa and has a beautifully appointed Center in the heart of Westchase.

She is a Certified Pranic Healer, Instructor of Level 1 (Basic Pranic Healing),  Level 2 (Advanced Pranic Healing) and Level 3 (Pranic Psychotherapy). 

She is a certified Pranic Psychotherapist. Her special interests include treatment of anxiety in adults and teens, complex conditions such as Cancer, radiation and chemotherapy and relationship healing.

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What they say

Norma Ferrer, Tampa Fl

I first met Nicole 4 years ago. I was very sick with inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia. Emotionally I was a mess. I carried a lot of anger and resentment. I could not do anything- I remember laying in bed all day crying because of the pain I was in. I happened to find out about Pranic Healing and booked my first session...

William Buxton - FL, USA

My doctor supported my receiving Pranic Healing as an adjunct treatment and was impressed with how well I was doing.

Our families connection to Pranic Healing goes back several years. My wife had been successfully treated by Nicole and the wife of one of my golfing buddies is also a pranic healer. I was intrigued but hadn't gotten involved yet....

Kathy - PA, USA

"It is hard to image the life I would be living had I not found the benefits and blessings of Pranic healing. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the healing powers of Pranic healing have helped me find a deeper sense of self-understanding and inner peace."

Lea - CO, USA

"Pranic Healing was instrumental in my healing during my medical treatment for Lyme disease. Without Nicole Fouche and her gift for healing, I truly believe my road to recovery would have been much rockier."


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