Online Workshop

Essential Oils creations

Understand the energetics of Essential Oils to create high vibration healing products! 

Learn how to choose the correct essential oil combinations, learn to bless and consecrate your oils, understand the color correspondence of popular oils to create unique blends and energetically scan your oils for effectiveness!

The information covered in this class has been accumulated over many years and my specialty experience in energy. The tips, tools and content in this class are not available anywhere else!

This entire class consists of video recordings and you have access to these videos as often as you like for an entire year! Sign up now and enjoy this fragrant journey! 

Part 1

Understanding the basics of Essential Oils 

We already know how much we love the fragrance of certain oils, and dislike the fragrance of others. There are reasons underlying these preferences. Having a basic understanding of how these fabulous oils work on our physiology can give us information on which oils to use and how to use them.

As we start this program we will have a brief introduction of:

  • Different applications of essential oils
  • What happens when you inhale essential oils
  • What happens when you apply essential oils to your skin
  • Why you should use essential oils in aura cleansing products
  • Understanding cell structure and the role of the limbic system

Part 2

Introduction to the color properties of Essential Oils

Some of you may not be aware that every essential oil has specific color qualities associated with it. Understanding these color qualities and what effect each color has on the body, will give you a special tool in combining certain oils as well as blending oils with specific color combinations.

  • Understand the importance of color in blending essential oils
  • What colors to use for specific ailments
  • What colors to use when creating protection sprays
  • What colors and oils can be used for healing, soothing, calming
  • What colors and oils are good for sales, prosperity and abundance
  • Plus more...

Understanding the crystalline properties of Essential Oils 

Most of us know that crystals can be programmed. But, did you know that plant cells are crystalline and can be programmed?

  • Learn how to bless and consecrate your oils.
  • Energize your essential oils for even more power and healing
  • Learn different ways to imprint your oils using sound, vibration and images .

Part 3

Qualities of Individual Oils

An in-depth exploration into the qualities of individual essential oils- I discuss color properties, healing properties, mental and emotional properties of some of the most popular essential oils 

  • Best oils for healing
  • Best oils for mental and emotional balance
  • Best oils for protection
  • Plus much more......
  • Part 4

    Creating high vibration products

    This is truly the best part! At this point you will have all the knowledge required to create unique products tailored to your specific needs and desires.

    • Creating energetic sprays for healing
    • Creating energetic sprays for protection
    • Creating energetic sprays for abundance and prosperity

    find your inner peace, and heal your soul

    Hosted by Nicole Fouché

    • Pranic Healing Instructor
    • Energy Specialist
    • Essential Oil Product designer
    • Author