Five Obstacles that Restrict our Inner Growth

In order to live a healthy and productive life, it is important to exercise regularly and be active. However, many people fail to realize that it is equally important to simultaneously work on our minds as well.

In today’s world, we work 40+ hours every week to grow our incomes and join gyms to work out and improve our bodies. However, we never stop to think about investing in our inner growth.

Inner growth refers to personal development – feeling better about ourselves, and our surroundings, and having a clear understanding of our needs, wants and desires – cutting out the negativity and looking at the world in a more positive way.

However, inner growth requires some grit and a steadfast determination to see it through.. There are several internal as well as external factors that limit us from fully reaching our potential.


Seeking Approval Of Others

Since our childhood, we are taught to be dependent on adults. We are dependent on parents at home, teachers in school and family, friends and spouses as we grow up. It becomes natural to seek approval from people we love, care about, admire, and are dependent upon.

However, when we do not get their approval, it begins to have a negative impact on our minds. We feel a lack of self-worth and constantly try to seek their approval in almost everything we do.

Unfortunately, seeking approval can lead us to make disastrous decisions and only makes our lives more miserable.

It is important to understand our own self-worth and stop seeking approval from others. This is one of the first steps toward inner growth.


Low Self-Confidence

Depending on people, and seeking their approval directly creates a lack of self-confidence. This makes it difficult for a person to trust their own judgment. They might not be able to reach their full potential as they do not even believe in their own abilities.

Humans grow by making mistakes and learning from them and it is important to understand that no amount of experience or learning can make you perfect. Therefore, have complete confidence in yourself, own your mistakes, learn from them and keep on growing.


Lack of Self-Awareness

Inner growth can never be achieved if we suffer from a lack of self-awareness. People who suffer from a lack of self-awareness are often described as naive and unable to judge themselves and their surroundings.  Such people cannot accept criticism, become defensive when critiqued, never admit mistakes and run away from making hard decisions.

In order to achieve inner growth, we need to be able to identify our mistakes, be humble, and understand that we are not perfect and that there is always room for learning and improving ourselves..


Identify Repetitive Patterns

With better self-awareness, any individual can objectively analyze their own life and identify repetitive patterns that they subconsciously keep falling into.

We usually live our lives in repetitive patterns – this is because it feels safer as  we naturally hate uncertainty. However, this also makes it difficult to identify the mistakes that we make again and again.

For inner growth, it is important to identify and break these cycles – You can never expect to get something new by trying repeating the same patterns!

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