Generational Healing


Master Marilag Mendoza

February 4th

6pm to 10pm


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa - Oldsmar

3990 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677

Mobile: 727-686-1582 | Tel: +813-854-5080

Generational Healing

Also known as Ancestral Healing is aimed at healing up to 6 generations before us. We are the first generation and we heal our ancestors' generations to heal our present generation. By doing generational healing the negative patterns that are happening in our family now will not carry over to our children's generation and the next generations.

As we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestral line. As we heal our ancestral line, we heal ourselves. In this session, Master Marilag will teach the technique of how to heal the generations before us.  As you do the practice, she will facilitate the healing of your ancestral line. This will greatly enhance the healing.

Many people who have attended this class before, have shared testimonials on how this healing has healed certain situations in their family, or have witnessed miracles in healing their patients.

Requirement: Must have taken Advanced or Psychotherapy Pranic Healing.

About Me.

Marilag Mendoza is a Master Pranic Healer, international lecturer, teacher, entrepreneur, health and beauty consultant, administrator, and pianist. Her accomplishments as a global energy healer, international lecturer and one of only 8 Master Pranic Healers in the world today have established her as one of the most respected and admired rising public female figures in energy medicine today.

Her best value is that she thinks simple and thus everything appears to come easy to her particularly in creating something and making that crucial leap from thought to action.

She works quietly, seamlessly and one-pointedly as a catalyst for personal change and establishes a strategy for inner and outer healing and success. She can be proud of many things in her life but nothing beats being a proud mother of three accomplished and loving sons.

Marilag Mendoza