Grow through Pain in Positive way

At some point, most of us will experience pain in our life. Whether this is a physical ailment, a loss, or devastating life event, we will be challenged. Suffering happens, but we do have the opportunity to grow and  learn. What you may find surprising is that  we can limit the extent of the suffering. So often we have heard of people going through hardships, and eventually they look back and report that the illness/event was a wake up call, an opportunity for change. Understanding this can help us navigate through these difficult times and wake us up to new opportunities, blessings and way of life.


Dealing with pain: Know-how

Each one of us experiences and processes pain in our own way. Whether this is physical pain, the pain of losing someone, the pain of a strained relationship or carrying the burden of trauma. During this time it’s natural to need support and care. But, some of us may not have that support system or be open to receiving the help. Often-times we carry this pain forward, shove it deep down and ignore it. However, this pain does not go away. Not ever. Not until we have dealt with it, processed it, learned from it and released it. How this shows up in our lives is usually through a chronic ailment or illness, that literally forces us to pay attention. Wake up.

So, with this in mind, how can we prepare for events such as these? How can we determine if we have fully processed our past hurts and trauma? What tools can we use to limit the extent of our suffering and pain?

Having worked with clients for over 20 years, dealing with pain in a multitude of ways, there are some tools that have significantly made an impact.


Mental Health/attitude

Having a positive mental outlook is vital. Those people that can make the lemonade out of lemons tend to navigate this path a lot easier. But for those of us that are not wired that way, it can be more difficult. One tool that has proved invaluable is the process of Gratitude. There are multiple layers of gratitude and if we dig deep, even when things are difficult, there will ALWAYS be something to be grateful for. Once we have found this, we focus on it, revel in it, magnify it and replicate it. Step by step, inch by inch, this will gently nudge us forward, rewire us to see all the gifts we have in our lives and ultimately lead us down the path to true and genuine happiness. Start simply. Commit to keeping a gratitude journal and once a day just write down everything you are grateful for. This simple process, literally, can change the course of your life.


Letting go

Being able to let things go is the key to inner peace. When we are flooded with anger, resentment, hatred and unforgiveness, not only does it destroy our inner peace, but it can ultimately make us sick as well. In Pranic Healing this shows up as dirty congested energy that clouds our aura and chakras. It is vital to clear this from the system as it can influence many areas of our life. Doing the forgiveness work with a skilled Pranic Healer as well as having your energy body cleaned and balanced can shift this heaviness and relieve the weight of these emotions.



Some of you may have heard of the term “Dark night of the Soul”. This simply stated, describes an individual that has fallen so hard in life, that is beat down and completely disconnected from the Divine source, that they feel completely engulfed by the darkness. They feel as though there is no way out of it.

Not all of us may have experienced this specifically, but at times we may have had glimpses of this desperation, pain and turmoil.

When we are in this space- the only way out is up. Reconnecting to the Higher Soul, the Divine Spark. That light that will lead us out of the pain. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through meditation. Specifically, the Meditation on Twin Hearts. This meditation opens the heart and crown centres and flushes out a lot of dirty, congested prana. When the aura and chakras are clean, the connection to our Higher Soul is strengthened. As this connection improves we will be guided by our Higher Soul. When we have this Soul guidance, we have a knowing, a path and a sense of direction in our lives. We feel connected, we feel guided and we feel supported. This is priceless!

If you are dealing with pain, of any sort, please reach out to a Pranic Healer. At Pranic Healing Tampa, we have a highly skilled team ready to help you on your healing journey.

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