Intensive Cellular Healing 1 and 2


Master Marilag Mendoza

November 5th

9am to 7pm


13009 W Linebaugh Ave, 

Tampa Florida 33626

Morning Session

Whatever we feel, see, think and perceive starts establishing its deep roots in our cells because cells have memory. Often, we heal the effect but what caused it remains untreated. The causes are always deeply emotional in nature. We are all surrounded by stress throughout our lives and it is all being stored at the cellular level.

In this workshop you will learn the techniques to heal at this very deep level, which results in very rapid healing. We will be doing very deep self-healing over the entire day.

You will learn to remove the memory of traumas you have gone through and the patterns that are created by these emotional imbalances and learn to remove diseased energy at the cellular level.

This is a deeply powerful and healing class for those ready and willing to let go of their emotional baggage and heal at a cellular level.

Afternoon Session

Treating deeply rooted physical issues at the cellular level

Expand on what was taught in Level 1 to address physical issues in our body. Master Marilag will guide us through deep and powerful cellular healing of our organs, musculoskeletal systems, endocrine system, brain, nerves and more. This will deeply and powerfully restore balance at a cellular level to greatly enhance the healing of our physical bodies.

About Me.

Marilag Mendoza is a Master Pranic Healer, international lecturer, teacher, entrepreneur, health and beauty consultant, administrator, and pianist. Her accomplishments as a global energy healer, international lecturer and one of only 8 Master Pranic Healers in the world today have established her as one of the most respected and admired rising public female figures in energy medicine today.

Her best value is that she thinks simple and thus everything appears to come easy to her particularly in creating something and making that crucial leap from thought to action.

She works quietly, seamlessly and one-pointedly as a catalyst for personal change and establishes a strategy for inner and outer healing and success. She can be proud of many things in her life but nothing beats being a proud mother of three accomplished and loving sons.

Marilag Mendoza 

This class is different from the Online Cellular Healing class that Master Marilag offers. The instruction and techniques are the same, however the focus of this one day intensive is to HEAL yourself. Master Marilag will focus on healing deep seated psychological and physical ailments. This is a prime opportunity for a thorough and deep healing experience. There is no review fee- new students and reviewers pay the same price.