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Full Moon Meditation with

 Master Glenn Mendoza

Date:  Saturday, October 28th, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm

Embrace the Energy of the Hunter's Moon

As the Hunters Moon of 2023 graces our skies, the spiritual bond between the human soul and the October Full Moon connects.

Throughout the hallowed pages of history, the Hunters Moon has symbolized a time of harvest, abundance, the afterlife, spiritual transformation, and divination.

It’s an opportunity for spiritual growth, goal setting, gratitude, and finding ways to slow down and enjoy the season of Autumn.

Here are some ways to help yourself align with the energy of the full Hunter’s Moon this year:

Complete your internal harvest. Take a good look at what you have been cultivating this year, what’s been working for you, and what hasn’t.

Take action on the things you need to change. Adjust your schedule, ask for help, and let go of those projects that aren’t working or are dragging you down.

Use the clear light of this full moon to illuminate your targets. What do you really want over the next few months? What are you working toward? What is your top priority?

Sit down and think about the values that drive you most. Ruminate and identify what motivates you in your life, in your work, and in your relationships.

Join Master Glenn live for this Full Moon Celebration!!!

What a special opportunity to be able to have him here with us for this event.

Everyone is welcome- bring your friends, family and anyone needing some peace, joy and love in their lives!

If this sounds totally delightful and you are ready to bless your projects and goals for the remainder of 2023, register here and join us!

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Master Glenn Mendoza

Master Pranic Healer

Disciple to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Father to three amazing boys.
Grandfather to five precious grandchildren.
Loving husband to an incredible woman.
Neonatologist for over 30 years.
Associate Professor. Author. Publisher. Speaker. Meditator. Spiritual Aspirant. Seeker of Deeper Truths. World Traveler. Teacher. Triathlete. Photographer. Friend. Lover of Life.

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