Initial Consultation and Healing Session

Pranic Healing consultation balances and harmonizes the body's energy to promote physical, emotional, and energetic well-being. 

By removing blockages and replenishing energy, it alleviates pain, reduces stress, and enhances vitality. It complements traditional approaches and empowers individuals to actively participate in their healing process.

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How Pranic Healing Can Help You

Chronic illnesses:

  • Holistic support: Pranic Healing complements traditional approaches, providing overall well-being support for chronic illnesses.
  • Symptom relief: Pranic Healing alleviates symptoms, improving quality of life for chronic illness sufferers.
  • Enhanced well-being: Pranic Healing promotes balance and vitality, benefiting individuals with chronic illnesses.

Emotional stress:

  • Stress reduction: Pranic Healing reduces stress, promoting emotional balance.
  • Emotional healing: Pranic Healing facilitates healing for anxiety, depression, and trauma.
  • Inner balance: Pranic Healing restores emotional harmony and peace.

Energy imbalance:

  • Energy restoration: Pranic Healing replenishes energy levels, combating fatigue and restoring vitality.
  • Harmonized energy: Pranic Healing brings balance and harmony to the energy system, addressing imbalances.
  • Enhanced well-being: Pranic Healing promotes overall well-being through optimized energy levels.

Relationship issues:

  • Enhanced communication: Pranic Healing improves communication for healthier relationships.
  • Emotional release: Pranic Healing releases emotional blockages, fostering healing within relationships.
  • Healthier connections: Pranic Healing promotes healthier and more harmonious connections in relationships.

Clarity and purpose:

  • Inner guidance: Pranic Healing consultation accesses inner wisdom, providing guidance for finding clarity and purpose.
  • Clarity and direction: Pranic Healing consultation brings clarity and helps individuals find their life's path.
  • Purpose discovery: Pranic Healing consultation assists in discovering one's purpose, leading to a more fulfilling life.


I started my Pranic Healing journey thanks to the help of my family. After the death of a loved one, I felt like the world was against my family. School got extremely hard for me and I had to drop classes and go to lower levels in order to not fail. I tried to get help and even went to therapy for a year or more trying to find a way that I could’ve thought of life as a gift. I was in such an awful state of mind and I hated myself... Read more

I didn’t want to be around people and I didn’t want to speak to anyone about what I was going through. I had so much anger towards god and my parents and my friends that it took over my life and I no longer wanted to live in a life filled with people I cannot find myself wanting to be around. I want to say that Pranic Healing helped me find my love for life once again. I now know that the healing process took my work, approval, time, and trust as well. The universe needed me to trust in them to help me. With the meditation and love and help of family and Pranic Healing I’ve found my way in life. I have found my niche in school. My relationships with my friends, family, and partner are stronger and healthier. I now feel like I can trust people and love them again. I love life and all of its glory and goodness. All of the small things that it offers me everyday and all of the big experiences it provides me, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I cannot wait to show this love to others and share with them my stages, and be able to show them that it is not all bad. There is healing that needs to be done and if you allow it to be done you will see what I see now.


I am not the same Josue from the time I stepped out of my comfort zone to speak on a recorded zoom with Nicole.... Read more

Just wanted to share where I was and where I am now.

Before that, I have been very quiet and reserved.

For most of my life, I was very outspoken, and enthusiastic, however a majority of people that I expressed to gave me hurtful negative feedback.

I want to say it didn’t affect me, however, it did subconsciously, and it caused blockages.

Those blockages were stopping me from sharing my feelings.

Before ever knowing about Pranic Healing fear, worry, and doubt, have been a part of me for many years and I was unaware of ways to eliminate these emotions from my life.

I felt anxiety for many years, it got so bad that I would wake up in the morning having to throw up from all the overthinking.

I was unhappy with myself because I wasn’t following my dreams, and I was unconsciously hurting my family with my words, and actions.

I had a misperception of how to teach someone something.

I thought I was teaching them, based on how I was taught.

The truth was that I was making them feel bad and I hurt their feelings a lot.

I was unconsciously doing this over and over and had no idea why I was doing it.

After the hurt was done, I would be there with myself reflecting on what I just said or did, asking myself why did I do that?

Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut? This carried on for a long time.

I found Master Co Through Tony Robbins, and I began doing Twin Hearts Meditation regularly. I followed him on FB for a while because I really felt a connection with what he was sharing in his lectures.

He kept saying to go to a local Pranic Healing Center near you and check out the classes.

At the time, I was on prescription THC for years and my wife knew when I was medicated and when I wasn’t.

I would take the THC and all my negative qualities would fall away and I would be pure love and kindness.

When it wore off, I would be calm and relaxed thinking I can remain like that without being on it, however that was not the case.

I wanted to develop a dependency on this because I didn’t want my children to see me use THC for coping with my problems.

I wanted to stop using it so many times because I would eat large amounts of food.

I ate so much that it became a habit and people called me “Snacks”.

Whenever I went long periods of time without using it trying to quit, my negative qualities would be amplified causing me to medicate again.

I primarily used THC to be better for my family, however, it became an escape from dealing with my issues.

I knew this method of medicating myself was putting a Band-Aid on my problems and it was not sustainable.

My thought process was “I have big goals in life and I cannot achieve them by being high all the time.”

The Meditation on Twin Hearts would give me the same effects as my prescription THC.

My wife would know the difference if I meditated or not.

This reminded me that I had an issue that I was temporally covering up, and I knew if I didn’t dig deeper as to why I am like this and find help things would take a long time to change.

I surrounded myself with high-level coaches and I started working on a business that I felt would bring me the most joy in life and that was helping other people see their true potential.

It was as if I knew what I had to do to be happy in life, but I was not doing it. I was not in control.

I soon realized that I couldn’t make it happen and help other people if I couldn’t help myself.

The words “How are you going to help anyone if you keep making the same mistakes over and over”

I then had the idea to search for a Pranic healing center near me, and I found Pranic Healing Tampa. I enrolled in Level 1 Basic on December 10, 2021, and I remember being so nervous being the only guy in the room, thinking that I was not good enough to be there. I was very insecure about myself at the time, but I wanted to learn. I tried to focus, but my mind kept wandering. It was hard for me to focus because so many things were going on in my mind.

I enjoyed the class, and I knew I wanted to learn more. At the end of each class, I went home feeling like a new person. I felt empowered, I felt a sense of relief that things will get better and better as time goes on. I kept coming back because it became my safe place.

I became a part of the service healing pod and began to put the teachings to use.

One day I asked for help with my daughter because I felt helpless.

I remember feeling so much guilt towards myself and feeling the energy of my wife’s feelings toward me. It wasn’t a pleasant time for me.

My belief system was based on self-sufficiency. Most of the things I accomplished in my life were done by teaching myself, so I thought I had to do that with everything. I probably became that way because of all the hurt I experienced in the past and I felt better off doing everything myself.

My dad was very much that way too.

With my daughter, I felt that everything that I am going through is my responsibility and I have to fix it on my own because I put the trauma there.

I felt scared to ask for help, however, I overcame that fear and just asked.

I was filled with hope when Nicole said yes.

I was super nervous and ashamed because of where my daughter was, I felt a lot of guilt that I put her there.

As she received healing, I noticed a lot of positive changes.

Nicole then connected me with a member of the pod and we began to talk. She began doing healing sessions with me

Within the first 2 sessions, I felt my energy change, the questions she asked me caused me to think differently.

She help me get out of my head. I started to notice that old thoughts were not in my mind anymore. As if someone plucked them out. I could visualize a dotted outline of an empty space where old negative thought forms used to occupy my mind and yet I couldn’t remember what was there.

I began to express myself and talk more. My relations with my children, and my wife improve a lot. I used to discipline my children with no explanation. I began noticing I calmly showed them right from wrong, with a deep explanation rather than just reacting to their behavior.

I was explaining myself more to my wife rather than assuming she’d understand me. I became more aware of my wife’s feelings and did everything I could possibly do to make her days easier and to show her that I care and love her deeply.

Fast forward to now, 2 months later about 18+ healing sessions, I feel entirely renewed. I can maintain a positive mental attitude in any situation. I am more compassionate towards my family, I am more aware of the words that leave my mouth, and I am less reactive and more observant. I have more control over my mental faculties, and I am attracting so many great things into my life. I have never felt any better. I am not scared to speak up and speak out anymore. In fact, I am highly motivated and inspired to help other people be themselves and spread their light. I am taking action on all the things that I was scared of doing before. Thank you to Nicole, and all the healers, and Pranic Healing GMCKS.


I just want to express my deep gratitude for giving me the opportunity to get healed. The experience was absolutely magical. I have to admit it, never in my life have I felt that much peacefulness. I no longer have a fear to die…it’s very hard to express so much wonderfulness but I will do my best!! Read more

Once the first crystal was place on me, it was like magic!! I no longer felt my body. Every sound in the room like the steps of people, the sounds of the sprays with the angelic aromas, the voices of the people, the background music, every sound was heavenly. It was like the most perfect symphony and with each noise or sound I went deeper in my mind. I do believe I went to heaven. When I was back to my body, I thought it was maybe 15-20 minutes. But I found out it was one hour and 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe that time went that fast… or I guess since my soul was not in my body I was not aware of time?

Thank you to you and Master Marilag -I’m completely free of pain I finally let go of all the feelings that wore poisoning my body like fear, frustration and anger. Today is one week since I had the healing and I have no pain in my sacrum. No migraines, no stomach pain, I feel better than ever!! I’m extremely grateful and blessed that God put you in my life, you are an Angel send it from God thank you, thank you, thank you.



What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a holistic energy healing modality that works with the body's energy to promote healing and well-being.

How does Pranic Healing work?

Pranic Healing works by removing energetic blockages and imbalances and replenishing the body with fresh, revitalizing energy.

What can I expect during a Pranic Healing consultation?

During a consultation, the pranic healer will assess your energy field, identify imbalances, and use specific techniques to cleanse and balance your energy.

Is Pranic Healing safe?

Yes, Pranic Healing is generally considered safe as it is a non-invasive and gentle healing approach that works with the body's own healing mechanisms.

Can Pranic Healing help with physical pain?

Yes, Pranic Healing can help alleviate physical pain by addressing energetic imbalances and supporting the body's natural healing processes.

Can Pranic Healing help with emotional issues?

Absolutely, Pranic Healing can assist in releasing emotional blockages, reducing stress, and promoting emotional well-being.

How long does a Pranic Healing consultation typically last?

The duration of a consultation can vary, but it usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on individual needs and the complexity of the healing process.

How many sessions of Pranic Healing are needed?

The number of sessions varies depending on the individual and their specific condition. Acute issues may require fewer sessions, while chronic or complex issues may benefit from multiple sessions over time.

Do I need to believe in Pranic Healing for it to work?

No, belief in Pranic Healing is not a requirement for it to work. The healing process is based on universal principles and natural energies that work independently of personal beliefs.

Can Pranic Healing be used alongside traditional medicine?

Yes, Pranic Healing can be used as a complementary approach alongside traditional medicine to support overall well-being and enhance the healing process.