Nicole is an exceptional teacher and healer!

headshot-smallNicole (NC, USA) – Nicole was my Pranic Healing instructor and I have also benefited from her healing on multiple occasions, for both physical and emotional issues in my life. I have found her to be exceptional in all that she does! The Pranic Healing class she taught me changed my life, partly because what she taught me was explained so well and so clearly that I was able to begin using it immediately. As I have grown in my practice, she has nurtured me as she does all of her students, and whenever I have a question, it seems she has asked it along the way herself and has an answer for me – or is able to help me find my own answer. I grew up with a healer for a mom and I also have been exposed to many healers and healing modalities in my life, so I can say with confidence that Nicole’s healing abilities are outstanding. She is very humble about the miraculous healings she has helped to facilitate over her career – because she understands that she is not doing the healing but is merely a channel for the healing. That said, she is a VERY conductive and effective channel for the healing, that you would be very privileged to experience for yourself!

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