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Unlock the Power of Crystals with Pranic Healing

Learn to Boost Your Healing Effectiveness with Powerful Crystals

October 5th and 6th

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

Learn to harness crystal energies.

Unlock transformative healing with Pranic Crystal Healing.
Ideal for practitioners who have completed prior levels of Pranic Healing.

Delve into advanced techniques that amplify your healing power using crystals. This Level 4 course is designed for experienced practitioners eager to elevate their skills.

Ready to harness crystal energies for profound healing effects?

October 5th and 6th

Saturday and Sunday

9am to 5pm

Crystal Healing Techniques for Advanced Practitioners

Explore Essential Crystal Properties and Their Effects

Explore the power of Pranic Crystal Healing in this Level 4 course. Learn essential properties of crystals, their impact on aura and chakras, and advanced healing techniques. Enhance your healing skills and discover how to amplify a crystal's power effectively.

Course Content:

  • Properties of Crystals: Understand the essential characteristics and powers of various crystals.
  • Activation Effects on Aura and Chakras: Learn how crystals can influence and energize your spiritual and physical being.
  • Usage and Safety Guidelines: Gain insights into the proper and safe ways to handle and utilize crystals in healing.
  • Advanced Healing Techniques Using Crystals: Delve into sophisticated methods to increase healing efficacy using special crystals.
  • Consecration of Crystals: Discover how to consecrate crystals, boosting their healing powers by 1000% or more.

Event Information

Instructor: Master Marilag Mendoza

Master Marilag Mendoza, a globally recognized Pranic Healer and one of only eight Master Pranic Healers worldwide, brings a rich blend of expertise to her students. She combines her roles as an international lecturer, transformational coach, and entrepreneur with her deep knowledge in health and beauty. Devoted to teaching and empowering, Master Marilag is also a loving wife and mother, deeply committed to spiritual practice and wellness.

October 5th and 6th
Saturday and Sunday

9am to 5pm


13009 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, Florida 33626

Hosted by

Contact: Nicole Fouche