Pranic Prayer Group

Welcome to the Pranic Prayer Group, a haven where the whispers of the heart ascend as prayers, and the divine listens. In this sacred space, we embrace the vulnerability and strength found in prayer, connecting with the divine essence that permeates every faith and belief.

Our Pranic Prayer Group is a compassionate community dedicated to offering focused, heartfelt prayers for those seeking divine intervention. Each month, we embark on a dedicated journey of prayer, directing our collective energy towards healing, comfort, and the miraculous transformations that faith promises.

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How It Works

Prayer Requests: Submit your prayer needs, be it for health, peace, or guidance.

Faith Selection: Choose prayers aligned with your faith, or embrace the universal power of prayers from all faiths.

Dedicated Prayer: Our committed group of prayer, proficient in the art of Pranic Healing and spiritual intercession, will include your intentions in their prayers for an entire month.

Divine Connection: Through our collective prayers, we seek to create a conduit for divine energy, offering solace and the potential for miracles.

NOTE: Please know that you can renew your prayer request at any time.

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed.

In our Pranic Prayer Group, we believe in the transformative power of prayer to heal, to comfort, and to bring about the extraordinary. 

Join us as we lift our hearts in prayer, trusting in the divine orchestration of miracles.

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  • Multi-Faith Support: Whether you follow a specific religion or believe in the universal spirit of faith, our group honors all paths to the divine.
  • Heartfelt Intercession: Our prayers stem from a place of genuine compassion and a deep longing to bring about positive change.
  • Miracles Await: History and testimonies have shown us time and again, when we come together in prayer, the divine listens, and miracles unfold.
Are you or a loved one in need of divine blessings?

Submit your prayer request today and let the journey of faith, healing, and miracles begin with us.
Join our Pranic Prayer Group and experience the power of prayer like never before.

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Contact: Nicole Fouche