In addition to the once a month full moon meditation, we gather every Tuesday evening at 7 pm to meditate, learn and heal.

This is a wonderful gathering of open-minded free-spirited individuals! Join us and learn to meditate, or take your current meditations deeper. Learn about healing relationships, improving finances, restoring health and balance in your life.

We have different topics each week which adds diversity and interest to the group. Once a month we celebrate the Full moon and go deep into meditation. We follow by blessing the earth, our projects, and goals.

No experience necessary!


The Full Moon is admired and honored by many people of a variety of religions and spiritual paths. Extraordinary spiritual energies are available during the five day period around the full moon. Each full moon has the potential to produce needed changes in your life.

The format of our Pranic Healing Full Moon Meditations:

  • Simple physical exercises to prepare the body to absorb energy
  • Talk about the specific qualities of the celebrated cycle of Zodiac by Master Co or Master Glenn
  • Meditation on Planetary Peace (a.k.a. Twin Hearts Meditation)
  • Energizing of personal projects for proper materialization
  • Closing exercises to pack and balance the energies released during meditation
  • Blessings of donations for prosperity and abundance

Join your local Tampa Pranic Healing community for the Full Moon! We do regular meditations every Tuesday evening at 7 pm! These include a short lecture, healings and then the meditation. A great way to learn, heal and connect!