Discover the stories of transformation that have touched lives.

I just wanted to thank you again for letting me know about the sacred laying of crystals event and for the profound work that you do! The healing that I felt was very deep and strengthened my faith in this work. I had a powerful vision during the event, felt so much joy and energy from the event and woke up feeling lighter. I am so so excited about Pranic Healing and very much looking forward to learning more from you.

FR, Florida

I had my first “live” pranic healing session with Nicole this morning. It was fantastic! I had listened to the recorded one from last week on Monday night and could actually feel a big difference in my aura energy all day. I didn’t react to events like I normally do. So thank you my friend for sharing Nicole’s link with me. I believe this will really help me heal. I love you and miss you being in my physical life. Big strong hugs to you.

Tampa Florida,

I just want to express my deep gratitude for giving me the opportunity to get healed. The experience was absolutely magical. I have to admit it, never in my life have I felt that much peacefulness. I no longer have a fear to die…it’s very hard to express so much wonderfulness but I will do my best!! Learn more

Once the first crystal was place on me, it was like magic!! I no longer felt my body. Every sound in the room like the steps of people, the sounds of the sprays with the angelic aromas, the voices of the people, the background music, every sound was heavenly. It was like the most perfect symphony and with each noise or sound I went deeper in my mind. I do believe I went to heaven. When I was back to my body, I thought it was maybe 15-20 minutes. But I found out it was one hour and 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe that time went that fast… or I guess since my soul was not in my body I was not aware of time?

Thank you to you and Master Marilag -I’m completely free of pain I finally let go of all the feelings that wore poisoning my body like fear, frustration and anger. Today is one week since I had the healing and I have no pain in my sacrum. No migraines, no stomach pain, I feel better than ever!! I’m extremely grateful and blessed that God put you in my life, you are an Angel send it from God thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am not the same Josue from the time I stepped out of my comfort zone to speak on a recorded zoom with Nicole.... Learn more

Just wanted to share where I was and where I am now.

Before that, I have been very quiet and reserved.

For most of my life, I was very outspoken, and enthusiastic, however a majority of people that I expressed to gave me hurtful negative feedback.

I want to say it didn’t affect me, however, it did subconsciously, and it caused blockages.

Those blockages were stopping me from sharing my feelings.

Before ever knowing about Pranic Healing fear, worry, and doubt, have been a part of me for many years and I was unaware of ways to eliminate these emotions from my life.

I felt anxiety for many years, it got so bad that I would wake up in the morning having to throw up from all the overthinking.

I was unhappy with myself because I wasn’t following my dreams, and I was unconsciously hurting my family with my words, and actions.

I had a misperception of how to teach someone something.

I thought I was teaching them, based on how I was taught.

The truth was that I was making them feel bad and I hurt their feelings a lot.

I was unconsciously doing this over and over and had no idea why I was doing it.

After the hurt was done, I would be there with myself reflecting on what I just said or did, asking myself why did I do that?

Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut? This carried on for a long time.

I found Master Co Through Tony Robbins, and I began doing Twin Hearts Meditation regularly. I followed him on FB for a while because I really felt a connection with what he was sharing in his lectures.

He kept saying to go to a local Pranic Healing Center near you and check out the classes.

At the time, I was on prescription THC for years and my wife knew when I was medicated and when I wasn’t.

I would take the THC and all my negative qualities would fall away and I would be pure love and kindness.

When it wore off, I would be calm and relaxed thinking I can remain like that without being on it, however that was not the case.

I wanted to develop a dependency on this because I didn’t want my children to see me use THC for coping with my problems.

I wanted to stop using it so many times because I would eat large amounts of food.

I ate so much that it became a habit and people called me “Snacks”.

Whenever I went long periods of time without using it trying to quit, my negative qualities would be amplified causing me to medicate again.

I primarily used THC to be better for my family, however, it became an escape from dealing with my issues.

I knew this method of medicating myself was putting a Band-Aid on my problems and it was not sustainable.

My thought process was “I have big goals in life and I cannot achieve them by being high all the time.”

The Meditation on Twin Hearts would give me the same effects as my prescription THC.

My wife would know the difference if I meditated or not.

This reminded me that I had an issue that I was temporally covering up, and I knew if I didn’t dig deeper as to why I am like this and find help things would take a long time to change.

I surrounded myself with high-level coaches and I started working on a business that I felt would bring me the most joy in life and that was helping other people see their true potential.

It was as if I knew what I had to do to be happy in life, but I was not doing it. I was not in control.

I soon realized that I couldn’t make it happen and help other people if I couldn’t help myself.

The words “How are you going to help anyone if you keep making the same mistakes over and over”

I then had the idea to search for a Pranic healing center near me, and I found Pranic Healing Tampa. I enrolled in Level 1 Basic on December 10, 2021, and I remember being so nervous being the only guy in the room, thinking that I was not good enough to be there. I was very insecure about myself at the time, but I wanted to learn. I tried to focus, but my mind kept wandering. It was hard for me to focus because so many things were going on in my mind.

I enjoyed the class, and I knew I wanted to learn more. At the end of each class, I went home feeling like a new person. I felt empowered, I felt a sense of relief that things will get better and better as time goes on. I kept coming back because it became my safe place.

I became a part of the service healing pod and began to put the teachings to use.

One day I asked for help with my daughter because I felt helpless.

I remember feeling so much guilt towards myself and feeling the energy of my wife’s feelings toward me. It wasn’t a pleasant time for me.

My belief system was based on self-sufficiency. Most of the things I accomplished in my life were done by teaching myself, so I thought I had to do that with everything. I probably became that way because of all the hurt I experienced in the past and I felt better off doing everything myself.

My dad was very much that way too.

With my daughter, I felt that everything that I am going through is my responsibility and I have to fix it on my own because I put the trauma there.

I felt scared to ask for help, however, I overcame that fear and just asked.

I was filled with hope when Nicole said yes.

I was super nervous and ashamed because of where my daughter was, I felt a lot of guilt that I put her there.

As she received healing, I noticed a lot of positive changes.

Nicole then connected me with a member of the pod and we began to talk. She began doing healing sessions with me

Within the first 2 sessions, I felt my energy change, the questions she asked me caused me to think differently.

She help me get out of my head. I started to notice that old thoughts were not in my mind anymore. As if someone plucked them out. I could visualize a dotted outline of an empty space where old negative thought forms used to occupy my mind and yet I couldn’t remember what was there.

I began to express myself and talk more. My relations with my children, and my wife improve a lot. I used to discipline my children with no explanation. I began noticing I calmly showed them right from wrong, with a deep explanation rather than just reacting to their behavior.

I was explaining myself more to my wife rather than assuming she’d understand me. I became more aware of my wife’s feelings and did everything I could possibly do to make her days easier and to show her that I care and love her deeply.

Fast forward to now, 2 months later about 18+ healing sessions, I feel entirely renewed. I can maintain a positive mental attitude in any situation. I am more compassionate towards my family, I am more aware of the words that leave my mouth, and I am less reactive and more observant. I have more control over my mental faculties, and I am attracting so many great things into my life. I have never felt any better. I am not scared to speak up and speak out anymore. In fact, I am highly motivated and inspired to help other people be themselves and spread their light. I am taking action on all the things that I was scared of doing before. Thank you to Nicole, and all the healers, and Pranic Healing GMCKS.


I started my Pranic Healing journey thanks to the help of my family. After the death of a loved one, I felt like the world was against my family. School got extremely hard for me and I had to drop classes and go to lower levels in order to not fail. I tried to get help and even went to therapy for a year or more trying to find a way that I could’ve thought of life as a gift. I was in such an awful state of mind and I hated myself... Learn more

I didn’t want to be around people and I didn’t want to speak to anyone about what I was going through. I had so much anger towards god and my parents and my friends that it took over my life and I no longer wanted to live in a life filled with people I cannot find myself wanting to be around. I want to say that Pranic Healing helped me find my love for life once again. I now know that the healing process took my work, approval, time, and trust as well. The universe needed me to trust in them to help me. With the meditation and love and help of family and Pranic Healing I’ve found my way in life. I have found my niche in school. My relationships with my friends, family, and partner are stronger and healthier. I now feel like I can trust people and love them again. I love life and all of its glory and goodness. All of the small things that it offers me everyday and all of the big experiences it provides me, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I cannot wait to show this love to others and share with them my stages, and be able to show them that it is not all bad. There is healing that needs to be done and if you allow it to be done you will see what I see now.


"I first met Nicole about a year ago during the time of my breast cancer diagnosis. In addition to the standard Western medical approach, I knew I needed more support. Energy healing felt like the natural first step and resonated with me..... Learn more

Upon meeting Nicole, I knew I had found my “place” and my healer. Not only does the energy of the space have healing vibrations, but Nicole’s calming spirit put me at ease, along with her encouraging words and wealth of knowledge.   I felt an immediate trust in her.  We began weekly one on one Pranic healing sessions.  We met before and after surgery and during chemotherapy.  I felt an immediate shift in my emotions and stress levels.   Gratitude was also introduced into the healing journey.

I also had peace of mind knowing that Pranic Healing doesn’t try to replace traditional medicine.  The 2 work synergistically.  

The surgery recovery process was quick and relatively painless. Within 2 weeks I was driving and resumed most activities with ease.  My surgeon was impressed with my recovery, from the standpoint of having physical stamina and perfect scar healing. 

During chemotherapy Nicole provided body / mind / spirit support for our weekly sessions.   I tolerated the chemotherapy surprisingly well.  My oncologist was amazed that I had only mild side effects throughout the most toxic and aggressive type of breast cancer chemo (A/C).  I was in the top 2 percentile of patients to experience minimal side effects. It was around this time that I made connection between Pranic Healing and the exceptional recovery I was experiencing. 

I am currently in radiation therapy and receiving Pranic healing via the healing pod.  I was honored to be chosen for this remote healing method, designed to help students and patients receive what they both need (win win).  I can feel the power in numbers.   I can attest that this is also working miracles, as my radiation oncologist was surprised to see very minor skin changes 3 weeks in, and that I was experiencing only mild fatigue. 

Nicole, Anita and the wonderful group of students in the pod have been an integral part of my healing journey.   

Additionally, I took the Pranic Healing level 1 class and found it to be very informative.  I am now a Pranic healer myself and have been able to perform a few healing sessions on others.  This course contains abundant information including healing techniques, meditation, energy flow, karma, chakras, and much more.  


Pranic healing saved my life!

After moving to Sweden from New York with my family, I struggled for many years with homesickness and deep depression which then led to a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer with metastases to my bones, brain and liver; these were the darkest years of my life. After my diagnosis, a family member strongly recommended Nicole for distant healing, and I immediately reached out to her because I needed help restoring my life force energy and self-love before embarking on cancer treatment....
Learn more

Before my first Pranic Healing session I had severe pain in my neck and my lower body, specifically my left leg. I was struggling to walk on it, and was using a chair for support to get around the house. I was taking pain killers and hot, steaming showers a dozen times each day to soothe the aches and pains throughout my body. I was in so much pain I recall being in the shower crying and thinking I wanted to die. This was not living.

Each week Nicole and her team slowly led me out of the darkness, and back to the light. After my first week of Pranic Healing my aches and pains began disappearing, and I no longer experienced cancer fatigue—after each session I was energised and filled with love. In addition to distant healing sessions, I was given tools to promote an even deeper healing that consisted of meditation, forgiveness and gratitude techniques that effectively released deep-rooted suppressed emotions and trauma. A few weeks later, my left leg, which I was unable to walk on, was almost healed, and I was able to walk upstairs and kiss my children good night with virtually no pain. The physical healing that occurred was truly miraculous! Tumors have disappeared, reduced dramatically in size, and I am continuing to heal. Nicole and her team lifted me, made me want to fight, and reminded me of how amazing and powerful I am—their loving support and guidance gave me hope, and the will to live. 

Cancer was my wakeup call, and Pranic Healing has not only promoted incredible physical and emotional healing, it has taught me how to live my best life—each day is a blessing and filled with happiness and love! I am so grateful!

Alicia S.

Pranic Healing helped me

It's hard to put into words how Pranic Healing has helped me, partly because it's helped in so many different areas of my life, and partly because of the gentle nature of the healing. Each session feels like a steady stream of calm loving energy. It does not jolt your system, but rather gently guides it back into alignment. Although the effects feel subtle, you cannot deny the wonderful changes and healing that you have benefited from when you look back and compare yourself and your life to how it was before Pranic Healing. I found Nicole and the community at Pranic Healing Tampa to hold very high levels of integrity as well as genuine care and hope for the health and happiness of everyone that comes in.... Read more

I scheduled a multiple-session healing with Nicole. At the time, I was suffering extreme stress and anxiety which was leading to some pretty severe panic attacks and digestive distress. I had suffered a very traumatic childhood as well as continued sexual assault in my young adult life. Because of this, I feared that fight or flight, sleeplessness, and chronic fear might simply be what I had to endure in life. After only one session, the panic attacks completely stopped. After the next couple sessions, my anxiety levels were much, much lower than they had been. My overall mood was better, and I began to truly live my life in a way that I had been prevented from doing for such a long time.

With her healing and wisdom that she shared, Nicole hugely impacted my life for the better. I began an upward spiral of health and happiness. I am so passionate about Pranic Healing that I am continuing my education so I may be able to offer these healings to others that have suffered similar experiences to mine. My life has changed drastically as a result of Pranic Healing, the associated meditations, and healthy energy practices. It takes energy healing to a whole new level and provides easy-to-follow steps to rebalance the system and chakras. I will be forever grateful to Nicole and the entire community over at Pranic Healing Tampa.


Pranic Healing helped my child!

Over Christmas break 2015 I noticed my 6yr old kindergarten child was missing much of her eyelashes. Very soon ALL her eyelashes were gone. When she started in her eyebrows I discussed the situation with her Pediatrician and he talked about anxiety issues and said this could lead to an anxiety disorder. He suggested if it didn’t resolve to consult with a Pediatric Neurologist... Read more

I had met Nicole through my best friend and taken several Pranic Healing classes with her and knew she could help. Nicole is an excellent healer AND mother! Nicole did several healing sessions with my daughter and was able to help my daughter stop this nervous habit and teach me some protocols to continue at home. By March 2016 my daughter’s eyelashes were growing back and she has never pulled another eyebrow or eyelash again. I am ever so grateful for the healing Nicole did with my child!

Christy - FL, USA

I am beyond grateful that I found Nicole.

My 4 year old daughter suffers from severe eczema. Her eczema is so severe that my husband and I, along with her teachers, made the difficult decision to take her out of school in February. We went to countless pediatricians, allergists, dermatologists, chiropractors, all to no avail... Read more

Crystal healing was mentioned to me by a family member, I started to look into it and my google search (fatefully) led me to Nicole and her Pranic Healing Center. She has such a warm, calming presence and my daughter instantly felt comfortable around her. We noticed a huge difference in my daughter’s eczema flare ups/itch attacks and related meltdowns after about the 2nd session with Nicole. We started to see some significant positive changes in her energy levels and personality. After about the 4th or 5th session her personality did a complete 180; she went from wanting to lay in bed ALL day, having no energy or desire to play, to waking up in the mornings, getting right out of bed and playing the ENTIRE day. Her sweet, playful personality is on display now more than it has been in YEARS.

I registered for Nicole’s level 1 Pranic Healing Course so that I could learn how to Pranic Healing. Being able to use Pranic healing at home on my daughter has been amazing. Having the power to diffuse a flare up/itch attack and bring it down from an hour episode to a 20 minute episode is simply awesome. Nicole is always available for support, tips and help. It is evident how much time, love and passion Nicole puts into her clients and students. We are forever grateful.


Monica V

My life has been transformed in miraculous ways since meeting Nicole at Pranic Healing Tampa!

Nicole’s many years of Pranic Healing experience makes her not only a gifted healer, but an inspirational teacher and mentor as well. She easily combines her extensive knowledge of allopathic medicine with her gift of advanced Pranic Healing to make her healing sessions incredible... Read more

She uses this same expertise in her guided meditations, Meditation on Twin Hearts, and the many other classes and events held at Pranic Healing Tampa. We are so fortunate to have Nicole and her center in the heart of Tampa!

Nicole has inspired me to become a Pranic Healer and because of this, my health and wellbeing, my spirituality, my relationships, and my finances have all improved in amazing ways! I have also developed friendships with a group of like-minded people and traveled to places that I would not have otherwise gone to. All of this within 12 months of taking my first class with Nicole at Pranic Healing Tampa!

As a registered nurse with over 30 years of critical care experience, I believe strongly that Pranic Healing is one of the greatest complementary and alternative therapies that exists today. Whether uses as a preventative measure or to treat an injury or illness, Pranic Healing has tremendous benefits. I have witnessed miraculous healings of the mind, body and spirit firsthand. I highly recommend Nicole and Pranic Healing Tampa to anyone who wants to experience miracles in their lives!

Lynn B

Thyroid Cancer Treatment – Pranic Healing Testimony

My treatment with Nicole started after I experienced incessant bouts of coughing. I did a CT scan of my chest and got to understand that a part of my lungs had collapsed. It was a carcinoid tumor - non malignant - so to check further I did a PET CT scan to check whether the tumor spread any other place and then realized I had thyroid cancer... Read more

So I had to undergo 2 major surgeries, one to remove the damaged lung lobe and another to remove the thyroid gland for removal of the cancer - but post surgery too I still have Active cell - a lot of money got spent and I am broke - so I turned for help as I didn’t know what to do next. I was very anxious and depressed, this is the time I was introduced to Nicole by her sister-in-law. She read my case and agreed to volunteer to heal me as a service.

I knew about Pranic Healing so decided to try Pranic Healing treatment. Nicole started my healing somewhere around July 2017. She used to keep encouraging me to do Twin hearts meditation which gave me immense strength to go through the rough patch. She worked on my case and never gave up hope. She is a power house of positivity. She persuaded me to complete my Pranic Psychotherapy and also sponsored the fee so that I could yield the benefits of Master training. I completed the same in March 2018.

I now look at Nicole's selfless and kindhearted character. Not only did she work on healing my cancer but also empowered me to do self healing. She taught me a lot of things right from Meditation to Forgiveness Prayers, to Grounding techniques.

Now 1.5 years after my surgery I went to do a re scan (DOTA PET CT SCAN) and guess what - the results were normal. I will always be indebted to this soul sister of mine Nicole. Not only did she restore my faith in Pranic Healing, but also taught me to be self sufficient in terms of healing. I bow down to her favors and she will alway remain a part of my family for ever.

Amitabh Deb - India

Restorative Yoga with Chakra Balance

I attended the Restorative Yoga with Chakra Balance event this past weekend which was run by Gigi and Anita. I must say I went there stressed out from everyday life along with a little bit of skepticism on top of it. Both ladies made me feel at ease right from the start about the new experience I was about to have. I must say, I left there feeling very relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

I highly recommend going there and experiencing it for yourself. I am truly a believer that it helped me on so many levels. I will definitely be going back. Thank you Gigi and Anita!

Liz Bonanno - FL, USA

Nicole is a genuinely caring, warm person who exudes love.

Pranic Healing was instrumental in my healing during my medical treatment for Lyme disease... Read more

Without Nicole Fouche and her gift for healing, I truly believe my road to recovery would have been much rockier.  Any time I was struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually I would make an appointment with Nicole and always left feeling much stronger. Nicole is a genuinely caring, warm person who exudes love. Nicole and Pranic Healing changed my life in so many ways.  I am forever grateful.

Lea - CO, USA

Pranic Healing has saved my life.

As a parent grieving the loss of my only child unexpectedly, my soul was crushed... Read more

Pranic Healing has saved my life by removing my sub-conscious internal self- talk of not wanting to continue living. It has given me peace and expanded my spirituality and faith. I feel physically healthier with more energy and a lot less aches and pains. Now I am learning how to heal my own family.

Christy - FL, USA

It is hard to image the life I would be living had I not found Pranic healing.

It is hard to image the life I would be living had I not found the benefits and blessings of Pranic healing... Read more

Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the healing powers of Pranic healing have helped me find a deeper sense of self-understanding and inner peace. With that freedom has come the opportunity on many levels to be of greater service to others. The world would be a far better place if we could all experience the benefits and share them with those we love. I recommend it highly.

Kathy - PA, USA

Unbelievable Improvement in my Mother's Health

Nicole has been doing Pranic Healing for my 90-year-old mother for the past several years, and the positive benefits of these sessions are simply too numerous to document... Read more

When Nicole started seeing her, Mom was experiencing severe pain in her knees, neck, shoulders, arm, and lower back along with worrisome gastrointestinal problems. Her emotional body was filled with stress and fear, she was a major fall risk, and her ability to cope with daily living was severely debilitated. With great patience, gentleness, and persistence - coupled with her outstanding skill and knowledge, Nicole used Pranic healing techniques to facilitate absolutely unbelievable improvement in my mother's physical and emotional health and overall well-being within a short period of time.

Nicole continues to do healing sessions for mom to maintain her well-being, strength and vitality. What a joy it is now to hear my mother say, “I feel good,” when I call and ask how she is doing each day! This 90-year-old - whose body was wracked with pain such that she could barely walk a few years ago - is now happy, peaceful, and physically, mentally and emotionally comfortable. Her entire outlook on life seems to have changed, and she is able to remain content, living independently in her own home doing her own cooking, housework, laundry, and even gardening.

My mother and I are amazed and forever grateful to Nicole for the ways in which she was able to help mom heal at all levels of her being.

Colleen - FL, USA

Nicole is an exceptional teacher and healer!

Nicole was my Pranic Healing instructor and I have also benefited from her healing on multiple occasions, for both physical and emotional issues in my life... Read more

I have found her to be exceptional in all that she does! The Pranic Healing class she taught me changed my life, partly because what she taught me was explained so well and so clearly that I was able to begin using it immediately. As I have grown in my practice, she has nurtured me as she does all of her students, and whenever I have a question, it seems she has asked it along the way herself and has an answer for me – or is able to help me find my own answer. I grew up with a healer for a mom and I also have been exposed to many healers and healing modalities in my life, so I can say with confidence that Nicole’s healing abilities are outstanding. She is very humble about the miraculous healings she has helped to facilitate over her career – because she understands that she is not doing the healing but is merely a channel for the healing. That said, she is a VERY conductive and effective channel for the healing, that you would be very privileged to experience for yourself!

Nicole - NC, USA

My life has NEVER been the same again.

In 2012 when I turned 40, I was a stressed out, recently "let go", angry, burned-out, fearful, self-medicating, purposeless, smoker husk of a version of the young successful, joyful, me. I was miserable... Read more

Yet did not know how to change things around. And then my sister-in-law Nicole Fouché introduced me to Pranic Healing (my 40th birthday gift was taking her Basic Pranic Healing class). My life has NEVER been the same again. Pranic Healing not only gives you powerful tools for self and “other people” physical, emotional, mental, financial, and psychological healing, but also plants your feet firmly on the spiritual path of enlightenment. Those inner desires to make sure your life has meaning, to belong to something “higher”, to make an impact in the world, to find your purpose, to become more enlightened, to connect with your soul…those feelings become stilled as you know with certainty that you have found the path with Pranic Healing (a system for healing ALL areas of your life and connecting to your soul’s purpose). In less than three years I transformed into a person who looks ten years younger, no longer smokes or uses any substances, has daily lasting joy, peace, and harmony, has transformed relationships, works from home while making a six figure salary (because Pranic Healing taught me how to fix my prosperity blockages too), has the body and health of a teenager (my doctors are shocked), had find my life’s purpose, and pinches myself everyday to make sure I am not dreaming. I am so fulfilled and joy-FULL. Thank you Nicole for saving my life!

Danielle - VA, USA

A little over 3 years ago I took my 1st pranic healing basic course with Nicole Fouche. I'll never forget when Nicole told me mark this day on your calendar Cassandra, so one year from today you will look back and see how much your life is changed and how much you have changed. And boy ,boy, she was right!!! The  Miracles of Pranic healing have made me a stronger, compassionate, loving, forgiving person.  And if that's not enough now I can physically heal my family, friends, pets, plants,and the environment around me!! Becoming a Pranic Healer is the best thing I could have  ever done for me and my family!!

I'm so proud to call myself I Pranic Healer!! Give your self the gift of Pranic healing

Cassandra Koerts

I first met Nicole Fouche in January 2016.  I was struggling with recovery from an eye surgery and she treated me with Pranic Healing... Read more

This accelerated my healing tremendously, which amazed me and I had to learn more. I took my first Basic Pranic Training Class in June 2016 and have progressed with training and certification to become a professional Pranic Healer myself.  Both Nicole and Pranic Healing have impacted my life greatly. Nicole is a wonderful healer, mentor and friend.

Anita Swingle, Tampa FL

I first met Nicole 4 years ago. I was very sick with inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia. Emotionally I was a mess. I carried a lot of anger and resentment... Read more

I could not do anything- I remember laying in bed all day crying because of the pain I was in. I happened to find out about Pranic Healing and booked my first session. From that moment on, my life changed forever! I was so amazed at the results I ended up taking all of the available classes. I am pain-free, happy and loving life. I have found my spiritual path and now travel all over the USA for retreats and workshops. Nicole is a very compassionate person and goes above and beyond to help. I am grateful and blessed to know her- thank you Nicole, you are a true blessing in my life.

Norma Ferrer, Tampa Fl

Practicing Pranic Healing and receiving treatments has changed my life into a blessing. Not only have I been able to heal many areas of my life like physical... Read more

Emotional and spiritual issues, but I have been able to help others as well. Nicole is a great teacher, a great human being and someone that is there for you to support, care, give you guidance and encouragement. Thank you Nicole.

Maria Bacilieri, Tampa Fl

My doctor supported my receiving Pranic Healing as an adjunct treatment and was impressed with how well I was doing.

Our families connection to Pranic Healing goes back several years. My wife had been successfully treated by Nicole and the wife of one of my golfing buddies is also a pranic healer. I was intrigued but hadn't gotten involved yet... Read more

Last March my wife and I were busy having a good time creating a flower garden in our back yard but I was suffering from a painful knot on my shoulder and a nasty headache. We assumed these were caused by muscle strain from lifting heavy pots and bags of dirt. That all changed when I began to have mild hallucinations. Assuming this was caused by overdosing on otc pain medications I was given lots of water and put to bed.

We consulted my primary care doctor who ordered an MRI/CT scan. She later said it was a case of divine intervention. The results came back the next day and she informed me that I had cancer. When I asked, "where"? She said, "everywhere! It's in your brain, lungs, adrenal glands, bowel and soft tissue." She went on to tell us that she had never lost a patient to cancer and wasn't going to start now. She started working with my dermatologist to get us an appointment at the highly acclaimed Moffitt Cancer Center.

A week later my wife and I went to Moffitt just for a 2:30 consultation but by 5:00 I was in their hospital. The diagnosis was stage 4, metastasized, malignant, spindle cell melanoma. The treatment was to be computer assisted brain surgery, targeted radiation and immunotherapy.

I was soon home recovering from successful brain surgery but I couldn't start immunotherapy until radiation was complete and my body had time to wash out the radiation.

I felt a little uneasy not doing anything to stop the growth of the cancer so when Nicole and the other Pranic healers at the Tampa center offered to work with me, I jumped at the opportunity. It made so much sense to start weekly sessions of Pranic healing while I was waiting for treatment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Usually there were three healers working on me at the same time. I felt so supported, so cared for, it was amazing. I would meditate on my own or do the Twin Hearts meditation. I always left with a positive attitude, feeling light and healthy.

My doctor supported my receiving Pranic Healing as an adjunct treatment and was impressed with how well I was doing. The side effects of immunotherapy can be numerous and severe. I have no doubt that Pranic Healing shielded me from that toxicity. To date I have received fourteen infusions and have experienced only mild side effects that faded quickly.

The really good news is that I'm being cured. My brain and body scans consistently show that the tumors are either gone, getting smaller or stable. I feel great. At our last clinic meeting it was pointed out that we are nearing the one year anniversary of treatment and that if the scans keep showing improvement at the current rate we may start talking about the end of treatment.

I'm so very fortunate to have had access to a world class medical facility, miracle drugs and Pranic Healing Tampa. Thank you Nicole, Anita, Alyssa, Colleen and my other friends at Pranic Healing Tampa.

William Buxton

If you want to learn how to work with energy and discover your own ability to heal, Nicole Fouche is an exceptional teacher!

She is so knowledgeable and her teaching methods are engaging, creative and experiential. By the end of the class you will be excited to use protocols to heal simple ailments like headaches, fevers, and back pain... Read more

You will also learn effective and easy methods to reduce stress and anxiety. Her Basic Pranic Healing class is transformational in learning how to work with energy. Highly recommend.

Lisa H

It's that energetic boost that is really required to fully heal the Mind, Body and Spirit.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Pranic Healing Center, Tampa and Nicole Fouche. I have learned so much and now know that this healing technique to balance our energy chakras is such an asset to any other mode of medicine that someone may be receiving... Read more

It's that energetic boost that is really required to fully heal the Mind, Body and Spirit. My journey began in 2016 without any knowledge of energy healing and through the educational courses and reinforced nourishment of Nicole Fouche, I have become an outstanding healer working through God and his Divine Helpers and with their guidance and what I've learned... All things are possible.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Master Choa Kok Sui for introducing Pranic Healing to the world and especially for the Good it is doing for this pandemic crisis we are going through.

God is so.... Good!

Judy Thomas

This morning I found an old photo of myself. The photo made my heart happy as I reflected on that weekend, exactly three years ago. Smiling wide and donning a perfectly round belly, I was excited for the future. All of our hard work and sacrifices were finally paying dividends. Happily pregnant with Enzo, we would soon be a family of four! Our family would be complete... Read more

Exactly two years later, I sat alone in my home office as the Hillsborough County Coroner told me that Enzo's autopsy was complete. After eight months, genetic testing, and a complete investigation, the Coroner found Enzo's cause of death to be Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood, ("SUDC"). SUDC is the death of a child over the age of 12 months which remains unexplained after a thorough investigation and autopsy. In other words, the cause of Enzo's death remained unknown.

The unraveling of my life, that began eight months earlier, quickly accelerated. Without a reason to explain the unexplainable, the soul sized whole in my chest ballooned. All of my grief was amplified and I did not have a blueprint for what to do next.

Where do I go from here? Do I sink into the vast darkness of grief, and shame, and guilt? Or do I ignore the pain completely, hoping to keep the reckoning at bay? What do I do, and more importantly, how do I do it?

Perhaps, you can relate? Perhaps, your experience took another form, such as a miscarrage or infertility? Or maybe, unrelated to childrearing entirely, maybe you’ve experienced a sudden and unexpected illness, drug or alcohol addiction (you or a loved one), a divorce, or the loss of a spouse or parent suddenly, unexpectedly, and far too soon. Or maybe, you just feel stuck, not sure of what to do next?

More than one year after Enzo's death, I have found new tools for helping myself and for helping others, and I'm writing this post to share my experience with you.

Pranic Healing is a simple, yet powerful and effective system of non-contact energy healing based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing uses "life force", "energy" or prana to accelerate the body's innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing does not conflict with any religion or modern medicine. Rather, Pranic Healing is intended to complement your current beliefs and practices. Like yoga, which is very popular in our current culture, Pranic Healing is a tool to strengthen our (energetic) bodies.

For me, Pranic Healing relieved my pain to create space for the healing process to unfold naturally. It was not a magic pill and the process was not always graceful, but as those closest to me can attest, I persisted.

Today, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, a day I do not take lightly. I am thankful and blessed to be able to welcome friends and family into our home. I am thankful and blessed to share Enzo's story and I am thankful and blessed to share the gift of pranic healing with others.

Kallison Toscana - FL