I attended the Restorative Yoga

I attended the Restorative Yoga with Chakra Balance event this past week end which was ran by Gigi and Anita . I must say I went there
stressed out from everyday life along with a little bit of skepticism on top of it. Both ladies made me feel at ease right from the start about the new experience I was about to have. I must say, I left there, feeling very relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

I highly recommend going there and experiencing it for yourself. I am truly a believer that it helped me on so many levels. I will definitely be going back. Thank you Gigi and Anita!


Liz Bonanno

Pranic Healing helped my child!

Over Christmas break 2015 I noticed my 6yr old kindergarten child was missing much of her eyelashes. Very soon ALL her eyelashes were gone. When she started in her eyebrows I discussed the situation with her Pediatrician and he talked about anxiety issues and said this could lead to an anxiety disorder. He suggested if it didn’t resolve to consult with a Pediatric Neurologist. I had met Nicole through my best friend and taken several Pranic Healing classes with her and knew she could help. Nicole is an excellent healer AND mother! Nicole did several healing sessions with my daughter and was able to help my daughter stop this nervous habit and teach me some protocols to continue at home. By March 2016 my daughter’s eyelashes were growing back and she has never pulled another eyebrow or eyelash again. I am ever so grateful for the healing Nicole did with my child!


Thyroid Cancer Treatment – Pranic Healing Testimony

My treatment with Nicole started after I experienced incessant bouts of coughing. I did a CT scan of Chest and got to understand that a part of my lungs collapsed…it was a carcinoid tumor…non malignant…so to check further I did a PET CT scan to check whether the tumor spread any other place and then realized I had thyroid cancer. So had to undergo 2 major surgery…one to remove the damaged lung lobe and other to remove the thyroid gland for removal of the cancer…but post surgery too I still have Active cell…a lot of money got spent and I am broke…so turned for help as I didn’t know what to do next…and was very anxious and depressed…That is the time I was introduced to Nicole by her sister in law. She read my case and agreed to volunteer to heal me as a service. While I knew about Pranic Healing so decided to try Pranic Healing treatment. Nicole started my healing somewhere around July 2017. She used to keep encouraging me to do Twin hearts meditation which gave me immense strength to go through the rough patch. She worked on my case and never gave up hope. She is a power house of positivity. She persuaded me to complete my Pranic Psychotherapy and also sponsored the fee so that I could yield the benefits of Master training. I completed the same in March 2018. Now look at Nicole’s selfless and kindhearted character, not only did she work on healing my cancer but also empowered me to do self healing. She taught me a lot of things right from Meditation to Forgiveness Prayers, to Grounding techniques. Now after 1.5 years after my surgery I went to do a re scan (DOTA PET CT SCAN) and guess what…. The results were normal…. I will always be indebted to this soul sister of mine Nicole who not only did she restore my faith in Pranic Healing but also taught me to be self sufficient in terms of healing. I bow down to her favors and she will alway remain a part of my family for ever.

Amitabh Deb

Nicole is an exceptional teacher and healer!

Nicole was my Pranic Healing instructor and I have also benefited from her healing on multiple occasions, for both physical and emotional issues in my life. I have found her to be exceptional in all that she does! The Pranic Healing class she taught me changed my life, partly because what she taught me was explained so well and so clearly that I was able to begin using it immediately. As I have grown in my practice, she has nurtured me as she does all of her students, and whenever I have a question, it seems she has asked it along the way herself and has an answer for me – or is able to help me find my own answer. I grew up with a healer for a mom and I also have been exposed to many healers and healing modalities in my life, so I can say with confidence that Nicole’s healing abilities are outstanding. She is very humble about the miraculous healings she has helped to facilitate over her career – because she understands that she is not doing the healing but is merely a channel for the healing. That said, she is a VERY conductive and effective channel for the healing, that you would be very privileged to experience for yourself!


Nicole used Pranic Healing to facilitate unbelievable improvement in my mother’s health within a short period of time.

Nicole has been doing Pranic healing for my 90-year-old mother for the past several years, and the positive benefits of these sessions are simply too numerous to document.  When Nicole started seeing her, Mom was experiencing severe pain in her knees, neck, shoulders, arm, and low back along with worrisome gastrointestinal problems.  Her emotional body was filled with stress and fear, she was a major fall risk, and her ability to cope with daily living was severely debilitated.   With great patience, gentleness, and persistence coupled with her outstanding skill and knowledge, Nicole used Pranic healing techniques to facilitate absolutely unbelievable improvement in my mother’s physical and emotional health and overall well-being within a short period of time.  Nicole continues to do healing  sessions for mom to maintain her well-being, strength and vitality.  What a joy it is now to hear my mother say, “I feel good,” when I call and ask how she is doing each day!    This 90-year-old whose body was wracked with pain such that she could barely walk a few years ago is now happy, peaceful, and  physically, mentally and emotionally comfortable.   Her entire outlook on life seems to have changed, and she is able to remain contented living independently in her own home doing her own cooking, housework, laundry, and even gardening.  My mother and I are amazed and forever grateful to Nicole for the ways in which she was able to help mom heal at all levels of her being.


Nicole is a genuinely caring, warm person who exudes love.

Pranic Healing was instrumental in my healing during my medical treatment for Lyme disease.  Without Nicole Fouche and her gift for healing, I truly believe my road to recovery would have been much rockier.  Any time I was struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually I would make an appointment with Nicole and always left feeling much stronger. Nicole is a genuinely caring, warm person who exudes love. Nicole and Pranic Healing changed my life in so many ways.  I am forever grateful.


It is hard to image the life I would be living had I not found Pranic healing. Edit

It is hard to image the life I would be living had I not found the benefits and blessings of Pranic healing. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the healing powers of Pranic healing have helped me find a deeper sense of self-understanding and inner peace. With that freedom has come the opportunity on many levels to be of greater service to others. The world would be a far better place if we could all experience the benefits and share them with those we love. I recommend it highly.


My life has NEVER been the same again.

In 2012 when I turned 40, I was a stressed out, recently “let go”, angry, burned-out, fearful, self-medicating, purposeless, smoker husk of a version of the young successful, joyful, me. I was miserable, yet did not know how to change things around. And then my sister-in-law Nicole Fouché introduced me to Pranic Healing (my 40th birthday gift was taking her Basic Pranic Healing class). My life has NEVER been the same again. Pranic Healing not only gives you powerful tools for self and “other people” physical, emotional, mental, financial, and psychological healing, but also plants your feet firmly on the spiritual path of enlightenment. Those inner desires to make sure your life has meaning, to belong to something “higher”, to make an impact in the world, to find your purpose, to become more enlightened, to connect with your soul…those feelings become stilled as you know with certainty that you have found the path with Pranic Healing (a system for healing ALL areas of your life and connecting to your soul’s purpose). In less than three years I transformed into a person who looks ten years younger, no longer smokes or uses any substances, has daily lasting joy, peace, and harmony, has transformed relationships, works from home while making a six figure salary (because Pranic Healing taught me how to fix my prosperity blockages too), has the body and health of a teenager (my doctors are shocked), had find my life’s purpose, and pinches myself everyday to make sure I am not dreaming. I am so fulfilled and joy-FULL. Thank you Nicole for saving my life!


Pranic Healing has saved my life.

As a parent grieving the loss of my only child unexpectedly, my soul was crushed. Pranic Healing has saved my life by removing my sub-conscious internal self- talk of not wanting to continue living. It has given me peace and expanded my spirituality and faith. I feel physically healthier with more energy and a lot less aches and pains. Now I am learning how to heal my own family.


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