Water is life. Cultures around the world equate water with healing and energy. People travel great distances to drink or bath in water from mountains, wells and springs that are imbued with special energy. Many people believe that water has the ability to absorb prayers, cleanse unwanted energy and bestow good medicine. Water has been used in countless sacred ways since ancient times through religious and spiritual blessings, for cultural cleansing rituals, and personal healing as a therapeutic tool. Water has been revered by people throughout history. Around the world and across different cultures, “water ceremonies” are performed to heal people, animals, and plants. It has been known for its healing properties. But aside from being the source of life and its therapeutic properties, did you know that water has memory?


Everything around us is made up of energy, which can never be created or destroyed, but can be transmuted through intentional programming. Programming is something that can be done to any object. In fact, you may be unconsciously programming your objects already… All you need to do is focus specific thoughts and energy into your chosen object.

So why program your water? Water is one of the most important things for the survival of all beings. The human body is made up of 70% water which makes it one of the best mediums for transmitting energy around our bodies because the properties of water are made to reach every cell and subatomic particle. Knowing this, we can use water intentionally as the mode of transferring energy and messages to the deepest levels of our DNA.


According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who became popular (especially in the world of alternative healing) for his work on water and energy, our vibrational energy, including our words, sounds, and even intentions (even including our thoughts and ideas), can affect the crystals of water. Whatever the water feels, hears, and sees stimulates its change in molecular structure as it copies, memorizes and carries information. In light of this discovery, we can say that water does have a memory. It has the ability to retain whatever it is exposed to.

In his experiment, Dr. Emoto played music, displayed words, and said a prayer to the water while it was freezing, and when it was frozen, it formed crystal shapes unique to each stimulus. He found out that intricate and beautiful shapes were created when the music and words were loving and positive. In contrast, chaotic and incoherent patterns were formed when water was exposed to negative and harsh stimuli. But how is this finding relevant to us? In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Emoto wrote, “If we have a clear understanding of water, we will better understand the human body, and even unlock the mystery of why we were born.” That same water makes up 50 to 75 percent of our body. It transports energy and nourishment throughout our bodies. Hence, we can use our thoughts and words to create positive change in the water around us and even within us.

Dr. Emoto’s research taps into a tangible aspect of energy healing. Our thoughts and actions release vibrational energies that have the same effect on water.

For centuries, long before the existence of microscopes and Dr. Emoto’s findings, indigenous tribes in the Amazon have practiced singing to charge water with the intention of healing. Water is also used in different religions for cleansing, healing, and other sacred rites like baptism. They also utter words of prayer to bless and sanctify the water, making it holy.

Look at these amazing photos of water crystals on Dr. Emoto’s official website, in their natural state, with music playing, when words are spoken to water, in sacred spaces such as churches and temples, and when water is prayed to. It goes to show how undeniably impressive water is—something that most of us have the privilege to access easily, and how much more it can be when it is embodied with the power of intention.

Based on Dr. Emoto’s findings, water is sensitive and conducive to our vibrational energy, so we can affect change wherever there is water. We do not have to go to one of the world’s sacred waters to experience healing with water.

With state of the art technology, we now have the ability to program water with specific healing frequencies. Through the work on Nicholas Tesla, the Biowell machine can accurately scan the bioenergy field. This can give us great insight into the functioning of our bodies, which areas are consuming too much energy, which areas are depleted of energy and the effect of our environment on us. Even more intriguing, is that it can give us information about the state of our chakras. Once this image is produced, the unit creates a very specific sound frequency that can be listened to through special headphones that create binaural beats. This sound frequency will then help the chakras return to a more normal state. The effect of this can be seen with before and after scans.

Even more exciting, is that this sound frequency can be used to energize your drinking water. Each sip, brings you further into balance and harmony!

If you would like to experience this phenomenon and jump start your healing journey, this certainly is a good path to follow.

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