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10-20 Points

Minimal reported thyroid symptoms at this time - Good news!

The results you reported show minimal physical thyroid imbalance, which means you must be taking good care of your diet, exercise and mental/emotional health. Please remember, this is just a snapshot in time and doesn’t mean thyroid imbalance could not become a problem for you in the future. If you are here, taking this quiz, you may intuitively have a sense that something is “off”. This may just indicate that energetically your thyroid is out of balance, but physical symptoms have not shown up yet! This is the perfect time to correct these imbalances energetically before they become physical problems. It’s always important to pay attention to your thyroid. Keep up the good work!

21-50 Points

Moderate Thyroid Symptoms

Your results indicate that you may be experiencing some thyroid imbalance, which are causing symptoms. You may want to focus on supporting your thyroid through diet, supplementation, and meditation/mindfulness practices to optimize your overall health. There are quite possibly some mental and emotional issues that are in play as well. These could include feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or simply “tired of feeling this way”. It is vital at this point to get your thyroid into balance and reduce physical symptoms before further imbalances occur.

50+ Points

Significant Thyroid Symptoms Reported

It seems like your thyroid really needs some love! Your thyroid does a lot for you, and it is crying for help! According to this quiz, your thyroid needs specific nutrients and supplements, detoxing, healing and regenerating. You are most likely feeling exhausted, battling with digestion, gaining weight, feeling emotionally and mentally drained, and are “tired of feeling this way”. You feel, “nothing is working”. You definitely need to take action now and get your health back on track.


Thyroid Transformation Workshop

Is your Thyroid out of Balance?

Date: February 6

Every Monday for 6 weeks

Learn the exact steps to transform your thyroid and your


Is this you?

You are constantly exhausted, no matter how many hours you sleep, how many cups of coffee you drink, or supplements you take.

You feel stressed, anxious, maybe even depressedbecause "nothing is working".

You battle to lose weight, feel bloated and sluggish.

You have brain fog, hair loss, and digestive issues.

You are frustrated and desperate to get your life back.

If you can relate to some or all of these points, then you are in the right place!

Welcome to the most comprehensive and holistic online

course designed to help you transform your thyroid and 

regain your energy, vitality, and love of life!

Resolve the root causes behind your chronic symptoms and get lasting relief, without drastic measures or painful procedures.

If you ready to stop the endless trial and error and finally feel like yourself again... this is for you.

  • Next Course start date: February 6 to March 13th (6 week series)
  • Instructor: Nicole Fouché
  • Private Facebook Group to Interact and for Q&As
  • Each lesson will be live on Zoom. (Classes will be streamed to private Facebook group if you can’t attend live)
  • Mondays at 10am ET
  • Only a one time payment of $197

Our Proven 3-Step System To Finally Stop the Cycle of Irritation and

Flares  that Slow Down Your Healing. 


Remove foods and irritants that are overloading your thyroid. Understand the connection between the thyroid, the liver and the gut. Understand why your medication is not working.


We know there is an emotional and mental component involved with thyroid health- having inner peace and balance in your life, with a healthy mindset and purpose is vital in transforming the thyroid.


For deep and lasting healing, there always has to be a spiritual component.

No matter what your faith, religion, or philosophy is, this work will help you see the patterns that are limiting your progress, the self-sabotage that creeps in, and the absolute need for a spiritual path and purpose.

Thyroid Transformation Program

This six-week program uses whole foods, supplements, and energy balancing tools to help detoxify and regenerate the thyroid. By the end of the program, you'll be feeling the positive benefits of a supported thyroid and endocrine system.

During this foundational week, you’ll be laying the healing groundwork for the rest of the program. Understand the function of the thyroid and it’s connection to the liver and the gut. Discover why your thyroid medication is not working. Learn which foods are aggravating the thyroid and start a detox plan in preparation for week 2.

Now that you are monitoring what you are putting in your body, we will start to focus on what you are putting on your body. This is vital to reduce the toxic overload on your thyroid. We will also highlight the 5 most important supplements for your thyroid.  

Our emotions reside physically in our bodies. Understand the power of your thoughts and words. Where are you not expressing yourself in life. How to balance the throat chakra.

The power of forgiveness and letting go. This is a vital step to reclaiming your voice and your thyroid health. Learn to release deep seated pain, trauma and resentment. Find your voice.

Vibrational Healing. Understand the frequency of dis-ease and how to quickly balance the thyroid using a variety of different frequencies.

The power of Gratitude, starting a Meditation Practice and using essential oils for physical, mental and emotional balance.

"You will have access to a Private

Facebook Group to Interact and for Q&As"

How to know if you’re ready to heal your thyroid, reclaim your health, and boost your energy:

1. You're just getting started on your thyroid journey, and you want to do it the right way with simple protocols that actually work.

2. You've been working on your health for a while, and are committed to releasing your chronic symptoms.

3. You're already eating well, taking care of yourself, and taking supplements, but you're not seeing the progress that you expected. You've plateaued and you want solutions that last.

4. You know you are not eating well but don’t know what foods/supplements to take- you need guidance.

5. You know there is more to the thyroid than just the physical. You want to explore the deeper reasons for having a thyroid issue.

6. You are ready for better relationships, authentic communication and healing the past.

7. You're ready for more ENERGY and want to amplify your divine spark.

8. You know that no one's to do this for you. You're in the driver's seat, and ready to move forward!

If you said YES to any of these, we look forward to seeing you at the Thyroid Transformation class!