What to do when you are Angry

We all have experienced heated arguments or disputes that resulted in a bad mood at some point in our lives. However, things that frustrate us do not only impact our mood, but they can have a very serious impact on our ability to execute routine tasks. In addition to this, we dirty our aura and chakras and even attract more negative situations into our lives.

What some of us may not know is that there are simple tools we use right away to help us process our anger, let it go constructively and even remain positive through it all. Here are some key things to focus on if you feel you are being triggered:


Watch Your Thoughts

When we are angry with someone most of us will mentally criticize the person that has made us angry. We try to justify our reaction and blame the other person. Even though this is a natural reaction for most of us, it is vital to try and keep our thoughts, words and actions positive. And if we can’t be positive, at least try to be neutral. Why is this important? What we think, what we say and what we do creates an energy  pattern that we cast out to the universe. What we send out, comes back. Always. So, even though our anger may be justified, if we are mentaly criticizing, verbally insulting someone or worse, we are inevitably going to attract this right back. In addition to this, our own auras and chakras become extremely dirty. This is the starting point for disease in our physical body.


Focus on your Breath

This sounds simple enough, however most of us are not aware of what happens to our breathing when we are angry. In simple terms, when we get angry, this emotion is concentrated in the solar plexus chakra. If enough stress and anger build, this physically can impact the downward movement of the diaphragm which in turn will affect your breathing. With  more shallow breathing, this energy builds and builds until we literally feel as though we could explode. Instead, by bringing awareness to breath, and focusing on deeper breaths in and out, we can actually help flush  this build up of anger from the solar plexus. This in turn will bring in a sense of calm and control that ultimately breaks the cycle of anger.


Cut the Cords

When we are angry, we create a cord between ourselves and the person/situation that angers us. Through this cord, negative emotions, thoughts and criticisms travel back and forth repeatedly. This is extremely draining for both parties and ultimately serves no purpose. To be able to disconnect energetically from this person or situation, literally frees you from the energetic entanglement between you. To do this, visualize the person in front of you and physically run you hand down the front of the body (like a karate chop) and verbally say “cut”. This will break the cords and keep you energetically disconnected from the other person. This is also a good time to mentally wish them well.



Being angry and staying angry robs us of our inner peace. Longstanding anger and resentment has been linked to high blood pressure, digestive issues and cardiac issues to name a few. It is vital to be able to process this and let it go. It restores our inner peace and balance, keeps us healthy and improves our quality of life.

One of the most effective meditations is the Meditation on Twin Hearts. This meditation helps to significantly flush out dirty congested prana from the aura and chakras. It flushes out anger and brings in a very deep and healing restoration to the energy body. If you would like to know more about this meditation please visit our website PranicHealingTampa.com.

In summary, with some basic tools, we can control our anger, rather than letting our anger control us. For improved health, a better mindset, and more joy in our lives, let the anger go.

If you feel you need help processing anger, resentment or trauma, please reach out to us. We have a highly specialized team ready to help you on your healing journey.

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Never Imagine Harming Others

How will your imagination affect somebody’s life when you are not doing anything in the material world? It seems safe to imagine bad things happening to the parties involved. Contrary to what people believe, thinking about harming someone harms the person more than you can imagine. This is called the psychic attack. Put it this way, if you invest your energy in visualization and the imaginary world, it will affect the material world too. No matter how angry you are, do not imagine harming the person. Don’t waste your energy on negative imagination.


Never Take it Out on Your Family and Loved Ones

The biggest mistake people make when they are angry is lashing out at their loved ones. Never do that! You must be having a hard time managing negative emotions, but never mistreat people who are not involved in the matter. This is the most common reason relationships end and people are left alone. Your kids won’t love or respect you if you lash out at them for no reason. If you ever feel like yelling at your family because of work pressure or other issues, think about how it will feel if you were on the receiving end. You should rather share your emotions with your loved ones. It will help you feel better and relieved. If you can’t share it with them, stay quiet. It’s much better than lashing out at people who don’t even know what’s bothering you.


Never Blame Others for Your Negative Emotions

Your conscious and subconscious create emotions and not the person who took actions that led to these emotions. That’s why everyone has a different reaction to negative events. Some people get upset even with a minor inconvenience in their lives, while others accept the most traumatic events without getting angry. It’s not because the person has a high patience level, but they are aware of their emotions.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, consult a psychologist. They will help you understand and manage your emotions in a much better way. You don’t always have to talk to a professional though. If you feel relieved discussing your emotions with a family member or friend, go ahead. Talk to them. Don’t bottle up your emotions. Remember that nobody is responsible for how you feel, except you. People may trigger certain emotions, but you have the power to control your emotions.


Never Pretend to Avoid Your Feelings

Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get angry in the first place. It’s a natural feeling. No matter how much we try to control our anger, we are bound to lash out at some point. The worst thing you can do is hide it. Never hide your emotions or avoid them. If you pretend you aren’t angry, you will get more annoyed every time you see people or things that trigger these feelings. If you keep these emotions hidden in your subconscious, it’s only a matter of time before they come to the surface. In fact, people who hide their anger will attract things that make them angry.

Many things can trigger your anger. It’s up to you how you manage your emotions and deal with them. Never feel embarrassed about anger. Take help when necessary.

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